Student Travel Award

The Small Satellite Conference will be awarding travel reimbursements to deserving students interested in attending the conference. We encourage both domestic and international students to apply, particularly those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to finances.

Preference will be given to full-time graduate or undergraduate students in a scientific or technical discipline at a University or Technical College.

To be considered, please fill out the Travel Awards Form and return to by May 14, 2019.

Travel Awards Form

Reimbursements will not be processed until after the conference is over and receipts have been submitted.

Thank you

"I am so much inspired by the work people have done in this industry, and I feel more confident about my work, myself and my dreams. It has not only boosted my morale but has given me some logical reasons which prove that my mission is achievable."

- Travel Award Recipient

"First and foremost, SmallSat served to give me an up-close-and-personal overview of the entire industry, and the progress being made within it. As a student, it is sometimes difficult to see the big picture – I exist in my own small microcosm of academia, and the cross-section with the professional world is minimal. SmallSat, and the Pre-Conference Workshop in particular, was an amazing way to learn about and understand the current events of a growing world. I now have knowledge of several interesting missions and programs (ThinSats, for example), and am looking forward to following them in the future."

- Matthew Siestema

"I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of mentorship and networking that occurred at SmallSat. The many business cards exchanged and personal experience shared were invaluable to me and is something I believe will absolutely help me land summer internships, research positions, and even full-time positions in the industry after graduation."

- Travel Award Recipient

"This conference served as a career building opportunity, which will allow me to grow in experience in the aerospace discipline. SmallSat also served as a chance for me to open pathways for networking, with not only top companies in industry, but also with other students and other researchers. Furthermore, I am able to bring back the skills and knowledge that I gained through this conference and share them with the rest of my team. In this manner, knowledge and expertise will connect back to the academic community and inspire others to reach for the best in themselves and to promote scientific inquiry."

- Travel Award Recipient

"As a first time SmallSat attendee, I found that my experience was fruitful. The conference provided me with a unique opportunity to meet and listen to a plethora of engineers, scientists, and manufacturers involved with the field of Aerospace engineering in various orders of magnitude. I had the chance to speak with people who ranged from well-polished experts in the field to those just gaining their space legs. This array of different, yet like-minded individuals enabled a breeding ground for discussion of novel, innovative ways to approach problems in this field of never ending innovation."

- Cadence Payne

"I also very much appreciated and learned a lot from talking with other universities who had booths set up near ours. I found that several of the teams working to build small satellites are facing the same issues that my team and I are going through, so it was helpful and reassuring to discuss those themes with other people fighting a similar battle."

- Travel Award Recipient

"This was extremely beneficial for me as it helped me understand the capabilities of small satellites in greater detail, as well as their limitations. Most of all, I had the opportunity to expand my network in the aerospace industry, both by meeting young professionals and veterans in the business."

- Travel Award Recipient