Call for Papers

Small Satellites – Big Data

Small satellites are enabling an immense diversity of measurements and observations with clear prospects for developing a new, expanded, and timelier understanding of our world. Technological advances and market-driven applications are motivating broad government and commercial investment in small satellites. Before knowledge products can be extracted, the challenges of collecting, transmitting, managing, manipulating, and interpreting data streams must be overcome. The ability of small satellites to enable big data applications is fundamentally based on systems engineering that draws from the rich technology developed within the small satellite community. During the 31st AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, we will engage the many visionaries and stakeholders involved across the entire chain responsible for ultimately disseminating information to feed a data-hungry global market.

Abstracts will be accepted for consideration in the following:

  • Technical Sessions
  • Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Swifties
  • Poster Sessions

Technical Session Topics

Big Data from Small Satellites

New capabilities and methods for translating data gathered by space systems into end-user knowledge products

Next on the Pad

A preview of missions that are scheduled to fly within the next 18 months with an emphasis on the missions and their scientific or technological purpose

Year In Review

A review of missions launched in the past 18 months with an emphasis on lessons learned and/or the technological advancements that significantly enhanced mission utility


Launch systems, multi-manifest, or rideshare opportunities specifically designed to provide access to space for small satellites

Ground Systems

Innovative technologies or full-up systems (hardware/software) for ground networks, mission operations centers, or science/data analysis centers that significantly advance mission utility

Science/Mission Payloads

Innovative technologies or full-up systems that allow cutting-edge missions to be formulated

Advanced Technologies

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions  

SmallSat Swifties

Want to share something exciting about what you do, what you’re working on and what you’ve discovered? Give a SmallSat Swifty! Selected participants will be given three-minutes for a short talk on their chosen topic during breaks from the Technical Sessions and will take place in the Fieldhouse, adjacent to the Taggart Student Center at Utah State University. Interested participants must submit the title and abstract of their proposed talk for selection by the conference committee. The three-minute presentation time limit will be strictly enforced.

Poster Sessions

The SmallSat Poster Sessions will take place on Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9 in the Fieldhouse, adjacent to the Taggart Student Center at Utah State University. Printed posters will be hung for a full-day, and there will be twice-daily dedicated viewing times during breaks from the Technical Sessions.