Technical Sessions

Monday, August 8, 2016

Session I: Science and Future Directions

An overview of science driving future concepts from organizations across the space industry

Session Chair: Pat Patterson, Space Dynamics Laboratory

2:30 PM
Achieving Science with CubeSats: Thinking Inside the Box
Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen - University of Michigan; Bhavya Lal - IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute

2:50 PM
Small and Micro/nano-satellite Possibilities in Space Science and Exploration – Examples from Japan
Dr. Shinichi Nakazuka, Ryu Funase-The University of Tokyo

3:10 PM
Perspectives on Integrating SmallSats into the DoD
Dr. David Voss, Program Manager AFRL Small Satellite Portfolio

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Session II: Launch

Launch systems, multi-manifest, or rideshare opportunities specifically designed to provide access to space for small satellites

Session Chair: Garrett Skrobot, NASA-KSC

4:15 PM
SpaceWorks' 2016 Nano/Microsatellite Market Forecast
Bill Doncaster, Jordan Shulman, John Bradford, John Olds - SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc.

4:30 PM
LauncherOne: Virgin Galactic's Dedicated Launch Vehicle for Small Satellites
A.C. Charania, Steve Isakowitz, Barry Matsumori, Will Pomerantz, Mandy Vaughn, Hanna Kubiak, David Caponio - Virgin Galactic

4:45 PM
Lessons Learned from the ORS-4 Mission and First Flight of the Super Strypi Launch System
Samuel McCraw, – Operationally Responsive Space Office; Jeffry Welsh - Applied Minds, LLC; Jillian Marsh – Operationally Responsive Space Office

5:00 PM
Solidifying Small Satellite Access to Orbit via the International Space Station (ISS): Cyclops' Deployment of the Lonestar SmallSat from the ISS.
Matthew P. Hershey, Daniel R. Newswander, Brent A. Evernden - NASA Johnson Space Center

5:15 PM
Spaceflight’s FORMOSAT-5/SHERPA Mission: How to Set a World Record for the Number of Satellites Deployed in a Single Launch
Adam Hadaller, Chin Seah, Jason Andrews, Curt Blake, Peter Wegner - Spaceflight Industries, Inc

5:30 PM
Navigating the Policy Compliance Roadmap for Small Satellites
Barbara Braun, Sam Myers Sims - The Aerospace Corporation; Kenneth Reese, David Butzin - USAF SMC/ADSS; David Voss - USAF AFRL/RVEP

5:45 PM
The Norwegian Initiative for a Satellite Nano-Launcher
Bastien Haemmerli, Adrien Boiron, Bastien Haemmerli - Nammo Raufoss AS


NanoRacks' Expanding Deployment Capabilities in Low Earth Orbit
Henry Martin – NanoRacks

Firefly Alpha - A Mass Produced Small Launch Vehicle for the New Space Era
PJ King, Dr. Alex Weldon, Andy Bradford - Firefly Space Systems

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Session III: Year in Review

A review of missions launched in the past 18 months with an emphasis on lessons learned and/or the technological advancements that significantly enhanced mission utility

Session Chair: Iain Cartwright, Australian Dept of Defense

8:00 AM
Pioneering Innovation in Space - 30 Years of International Leadership
Brian Horais - Independent Consultant

8:15 AM
The NASA Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration Program: Initial Flight Results
Siegfried Janson, Richard Welle, Todd Rose, Darren Rowen, Brian Hardy, Richard Dolphus, Patrick Doyle, Addison Faler - The Aerospace Corporation

8:30 AM
GOMX-3: Mission Results from the Inaugural ESA In-Orbit Demonstration CubeSat
David Gerhardt, Morten Bisgaard, Lars Alminde - GomSpace ApS; Roger Walker – ESA/ESTEC; Miguel Angel Fernandez, Anis Latiri - Syrlinks; Jean-Luc Issler - CNES/DCT

8:45 AM
One-year Deep Space Flight Results of the World's First Full-scale 50-kg-class Deep Space Probe PROCYON and its Future Prospects
Ryu Funase, Takaya Inamori, Satoshi Ikari, Naoya Ozaki, Shintaro Nakajima, Kaito Ariu, Hiroyuki Koizumi - University of Tokyo; Shingo Kameda - Rikkyo University

9:00 AM
U.S. Army Small Space Update
Billy Johnson, Jon Dodson, Mason Nixon, Wheeler Hardy, Mark Ray, Melanie Klinner, John R. London III - U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Martin Lindsey – US Pacific Command and SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

9:15 AM
Three Stellar Years (and Counting) of Precision Photometry by the BRITE Astronomy Constellation
Karan Sarda, Cordell Grant, Robert Zee - Space Flight Laboratory, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

9:30 AM
Microscope: A Scientific Microsatellite Development
Valerio Cipolla, Yves André, Pierre-Yves Guidotti, Alain Robert, Pascal Prieur, Benjamin Pouilloux, Laurent Perraud - CNES

9:45 AM
Small Sat at 30: Trends, Patterns, and Discoveries
Michael Hicks - Lockheed Martin; Carlos Niederstrasser Orbital/ATK, Inc.


The STU-2 CubeSat Mission and In-Orbit Test Results
Shufan Wu, Wen Chen, Caixia Chao - Shanghai Engineering Centre for Microsatellite

DMC3 and Carbonite-1: Two Sides of Small Satellites
Nimal Navarathinam, Andrew Cawthorne, Luis Gomes, Martin Sweeting, John Paffet - Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

Global Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Stephane Germain, Berke Durak, Jason McKeever - GHGSat Inc.; Vincent Latendresse - MPB Communications Inc.; Cordell Grant - University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Space Flight Laboratory; James Sloan - S&A Research

GN&C Lessons Learned From Multiple Missions
Chuck Weyandt - Maryland Aerospace, Inc.

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Session IV: Advanced Technologies I

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions

Session Chair: Daniel Faber, Deep Space Industries

1:30 PM
The Core Flight System (cFS) Community: Providing Low Cost Solutions for Small Spacecraft
David McComas, Jonathan Wilmot, Alan Cudmore - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

1:45 PM
Multidirectional Cosmic Ray Ion Detector for Deep Space CubeSats
John Wrbanek, Susan Wrbanek - NASA Glenn Research Center

2:00 PM
System-On-A-Chip Based Nano Star Tracker and its Real-Time Image Processing Approach
Minsong Wei, Jingyu Bao, Fei Xing, Zengyi Liu, Ting Sun, Zheng You - Tsinghua University

2:15 PM
Digital Assurance: Empowering Decision Makers in the Digital Age
Jeffry Welsh, Kelsi Blauvelt, Sam Leventer - Applied Minds, LLC; George Moretti - Millennium Engineering and Integration

2:30 PM
The Lightweight Integrated Solar Array and Transceiver (LISA-T): Second Generation Advancements and the Future of SmallSat Power Generation
John Carr, Darren Boyd, Armando Martinez, Michael SanSoucie, Les Johnson - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Greg Laue, Brandon Farmer, Barrett Robertson - NeXolve Corporation

2:45 PM
Towards Effective Cybersecurity for Modular, Open Architecture Satellite Systems
Daniel Cunningham, Geancarlo Palavicini Jr., Jose Romero-Mariona - SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific


CELLULARIZED SATELLITES-A Small Satellite Instantiation that Provides Mission and Space Access Adaptability
Talbot Jaeger, Walter Mirczak, Bill Crandall – NovaWurks

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Session V: Propulsion

Key technologies for effective on-orbit propulsion and attitude control maneuvering

Session Chair: Karl Hoose, Valt

3:00 PM
µCAT Micro-Propulsion solution for Autonomous Mobile On-Orbit Diagnostic System
Jonathan Kolbeck, Joseph Lukas, George Teel, Michael Keidar - The George Washington University; Edward Hanlon, Jacob Pittman, Morgan Lange, Jin Kang – United States Naval Academy

3:15 PM
Design and Characterization of a 3D-Printed Attitude Control Thruster for an Interplanetary 6U CubeSat
Terry Stevenson, Glenn Lightsey - Georgia Institute of Technology

3:30 PM
Ultracompact Microthruster for Pico/Nanosat Attitude and Thermal Control Based on Film-Evaporation Effect
Anthony Cofer, William O’Neill, Stephen Heister, Alina Alexeenko - Purdue University

3:45 PM
High DeltaV Solid Propulsion System for Small Satellites
Bryce Tappan, Nicholas Dallmann, Alan Novak, Joseph Lichthardt, Narendra De, Eva Baca, David Oschwald, Daniel Seitz - Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Session VI: Next on the Pad

A preview of missions scheduled to fly within the next 18 months with an emphasis on the scientific or technological purpose of the mission

Session Chair: Carlos Niederstrasser, Orbital ATK

4:45 PM
Cygnss Mission Overview and Preflight Update
Randall Rose, John Scherrer, Debra Rose - Southwest Research Institute; Christopher Ruf - University of Michigan; James Wells - NASA Langley Research Center; Christine Bonniksen - NASA

5:00 PM
Prospector-1: The First Commercial Small Spacecraft Mission to an Asteroid
Grant Bonin, Craig Foulds, Scott Armitage, and Daniel Faber - Deep Space Industries, Inc.

5:15 PM
Scintillation Observations and Response of the Ionosphere to Electrodynamics (SORTIE)
Geoff Crowley, Chad Fish, Erik Stromberg, Marcin Pilinski - ASTRA; Cheryl Huang, Patrick Roddy, Louise Gentile - Air Force Research Laboratory; Rod Heelis University of Texas at Dallas

5:30 PM
Geolocation of RF Emitters with a Formation-Flying Cluster of Three Microsatellites
Daniel CaJacob, Nicholas McCarthy, Timothy O'Shea, Robert McGwier - HawkEye 360, Inc.

5:45 PM
3u Cubesat "Eaglet-1": Towards a Functional Nano-Sat Leo Constellation
A. Vallerani, A. Simonetti, S. Fabrizi, R. Freddi - CGS Spa Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio


New Mission, New Orbit, No Problem-Applying the Responsive Space Capability to Meet the ORS-6 Mission
Kasandra O'Malia - Millennium Engineering and Integration; Shannon Brown - Jet Propulsion Laboratory; William Schum, Edward Kern, George Moretti - Millennium Engineering and Integration; Charles Finley, Benjamin Cook – USAF Operationally Responsive Space Office

The Launch Vehicle Landscape: New and Existing Entrants Serving the SmallSat Market
Kirk Pysher, Tom Carroll, Jim Kramer, John Palmé - International Launch Services

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Session VII: Communications

Emerging technologies or techniques for the timeless challenge of communicating with small satellites

Session Chair: David Korsmeyer, NASA

8:00 AM
Deep Space Laser Communication Transmitter and High Precision Timing System for Small Satellites
Paul Serra, Nathan Barnwell, Tyler Ritz, John Conklin - University of Florida

8:15 AM
Frontier Radio Lite: A Single-Board Software-Defined Radio for Demanding Small Satellite Missions
Michael O'Neill, Wesley Millard, Brian Bubnash, Ryan Mitch, Jeffrey Boye – The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

8:30 AM
Innovative NewSpace Ground Segment - Global Coverage Available Through the Cloud
Stig-Are Thrana – Kongsberg Satellite Services AS

8:45 AM
Satellite Tracking System Using Amateur Telescope and Star Camera for Portable Optical Ground Station
Hyosang Yoon, Kathleen Riesing, Kerri Cahoy - Massachesetts Institute of Technology

9:00 AM
High Bit-Rate Communication in X Band for Small Earth Observation Satellites - Result of 505 Mbps Demonstration and Plan for 2 Gbps Link
Hirobumi Saito, Atsushi Tomiki, Takahide Mizuno - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Hideki Kayaba - Meisei Electric Corporation; Tomoya Fukami, Hiromi Watanabe, Shinichi Nakasuka - The University of Tokyo; Naohiko Iwakiri - National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

9:15 AM
X-Band Transmission Evolution Towards DVB-S2 for Small Satellites
Miguel Angel Fernandez, Anis Latiri, Thomas Dehaene, Gabrielle Michaud, Philippe Bataille - SYRLINKS; Clement Dudal, Philippe Lafabrie, Alain Gaboriaud - CNES

9:30 AM
A Scalable Deployable High Gain Antenna - DaHGR
Keith Kelly - MMA Design


Integrated Solar-Panel Antenna Array for CubeSats (ISAAC)
Taha Yekan, Reyhan Baktur, Charles Swenson - Utah State University; Harry Shaw, Obadiah Kegege - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Session VIII: Frank J. Redd Student Competition

Technical Chair

Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr.
Oakman Aerospace, Inc.

Endowment Chair

Valerie Skarupa
SpaceFlight Industries


DoD - Michael Huggins, Air Force Research Laboratory
William Hargus, Air Force Research Laboratory
NASA - Elwood Agasid, NASA Ames
Industry - David Mitlyng, BridgeSat, Inc.
International - Johan Leijtens, Lens R&D
Academia - Dr. Lyon (Brad) King, Michigan Technological University
At-Large - Dr. Christyl Johnson, NASA Goddard

10:45 AM
Fiber Optic Gyro-Based Attitude Determination for High Performance Target Tracking
Elias Solorzano-UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory

11:00 AM
Streamlining CubeSat Solar Panel Fabrication Processes
Ariel Sandberg-University of Michigan

11:15 AM
Verification and Validation Methods for the Prox-1 Mission
Christine Gebara-Georgia Institute of Technology

11:30 AM
Simultaneous Orbital and Attitude Propagation of CubeSats in Low-Earth Orbit
Kareem Omar-University of Alabama in Huntsville

11:45 AM
Nonlinear Optics for Frequency-Doubling in Nanosatellite Laser Communication
Jim Clark-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12:00 PM
A Low-Cost Method for Reaction Wheel Torque Characterization in Small Satellites
Seamus Lombardo-University at Buffalo

Session IX: Ground Systems

Innovative technologies or full-up systems (hardware/software) for ground networks, mission operations centers, or science/data analysis centers that significantly advance mission utility

Session Chair: Mike Rice, RT Logic

1:45 PM
UHF Phased Array Ground Stations for Cubesat Applications
Colin Sheldon, Justin Bradfield, Erika Sanchez, Jeffrey Boye, David Copeland, Norman Adams - Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

2:00 PM
Cyber Security Awareness for SmallSat Ground Networks
Ted Vera - RT Logic

2:15 PM
Ball Aerospace COSMOS Open Source Command and Control System
Ryan Melton - Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

2:30 PM
An Optimum Space-to-Ground Communication Concept for CubeSat Platform Utilizing NASA Space Network and Near Earth Network
Yen F. Wong, Obadiah Kegege, Scott Schaire, George Bussey, Serhat Altunc - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Yuwen Zhang, Chitra Pital - Harris Corporation

2:45 PM
Supporting the Flock: Building a Ground Station Network for Autonomy and Reliability
Kyle Colton, Bryan Klofas - Planet Labs


Reducing the Cost of Small Satellite Ground System Development Using XTCE
Dana Irvin, Kirill Lokshin, Amit Puri - Ingenicomm, Inc.

A Novel Pedestal Geometry - Optimized for Large Diameter Ka-Band Antennas
Hubert Frohlich, Tomaž Rodič , SPACE-SI; Jeff Hertig, Paul Ward – Dynamic Antenna Systems Corporation

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Session X: Advanced Technologies II

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions

Session Chair: Dave Williamson, Tyvak NanoSatellite Systems

4:15 PM
Microvascular Composite Radiators for Small Spacecraft Thermal Management Systems
Devin Bunce, Kevin Bassett, Alexander Ghosh, Philip Barnett, Dawn Haken, Victoria Coverstone - University of Illinois; Bruce Yost, Jeffery Feller, Elwood Agasid - NASA Ames Research Center

4:30 PM
Reliability of CubeSats - Statistical Data, Developers' Beliefs and the Way Forward
Martin Langer - Institute of Astronautics/Technical University of Munich; Jasper Bouwmeester - Delft University of Technology

4:45 PM
Micropropulsion Systems Enabling Full Active Debris Removal by a Small Satellite ADRAS-1
Hiroyuki Koizumi, Jun Asakawa, Yuichi Nakagawa, Hiroki Kawahara, Shun'ichi Kojima - The University of Tokyo; Masakatsu Nakano - Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology; Hironori Sahara - Tokyo Metropolitan University; Toshiaki Iizuka - National Institute of Technology

5:00 PM
µCSP: A Diminutive, Hybrid, Space Processor for Smart Modules and CubeSats
Christopher Wilson, James MacKinnon, Patrick Gauvin, Sebastian Sabogal - NSF CHREC; Gary Crum, Tom Flatley -NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Alan George - NSF CHREC

5:15 PM
Experimental Evaluation of a Green Bi-Propellant Thruster for Small Satellite Applications
Stefan Powell, Tobias Knop, Steven Engelen - Hyperion Technologies

5:30 PM
Quaternion-Based Tracking Control Law Design for Tracking Mode
A.M. Elbeltagy, Y.Z. Elhalwagy, A.M. Bayoumy, A.M. Youssef – Military Technical College

5:45 PM
FlexCore - Low-Cost Attitude Determination and Control Enabling High-Performance Small Spacecraft
Daniel Hegel - Blue Canyon Technologies

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Session XI: Science/Mission Payloads I

Innovative technologies or full-up systems that allow cutting-edge missions to be formulated

Session Chair: Anita Bernie – Surrey Satellite Technology

8:00 AM
An Overview of the NASA/Science Mission Directorate Cubesat Activites
Daniel Moses, David Pierce, Michael Seablom - NASA Science Mission Directorate

8:15 AM
Asteroids to Agriculture: Carving a Niche in Earth Observation Using Asteroid Prospecting Instruments on an Earth-Orbiting Cubesat Constellation
Hannah Goldberg, Matthew Beasley, Chris Voorhees - Planetary Resources

8:30 AM
High Frequency Radio Astronomy from a Small Satellite
Frank Robey, Mary Knapp, Alan Fenn, Mark Silver, Kerry Johnson, Frank Lind, Ryan Volz, Sara Seager, Farshid Neylon-Azad - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8:45 AM
PowerCell Payload on EuCROPIS - Measuring Synthetic Biology in Space
Griffin McCutcheon, Ryan Kent, Ivan Paulino-Lima - NASA Ames Research Center; Evlyn Phess – Yale University; Antonio Ricco, Edward Mazmanian – NASA Ames Research Center; Steven Hu – Millennium Engineering and Integration; Bruce White – NASA Ames Research Center

9:00 AM
Light to Sound: The Remote Acoustic Sensing Satellite (RASSat)
Dan Slater - Independent Consultant; Rex Ridenoure - Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation; Dave Klumpar – Montana State University; John Carrico – Independent Consultant; Moriba Jah – University of Arizona


SYLPH - A Small Probe that Answers Europa's Big Question
Travis Imken, Brent Sherwood Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Jonathan Lunine - Cornell University; Sascha Kempf - University of Colorado at Boulder; Hunter Waite - Southwest Research Institute; Ben Southworth - University of Colorado at Boulder; Peter Kahn, Arbi Karapetian - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

An Asteroid Lander/Rover for Asteroid Surface Gravity Surveying
Kieran Carroll - Gedex Systems Inc.; Henry Spencer - SP Systems; Robert Zee - Space Flight Laboratory, University of Toronto

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Session XII: Science/Mission Payloads II

Innovative technologies or full-up systems that allow cutting-edge missions to be formulated

Session Chair: Paul Kervin, Maui AMOS

9:30 AM
Compact X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar with Deployable Plane Antenna and RF Feeding System through Non-Contact Waveguides -Project Of A100kg-Class SAR Satellite
Hirobumi Saito, Prilando Rizki Akbar - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Vinay Ravindra - The University Of Tokyo; Hiromi Watanabe, Atsushi Tomiki Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Jiro Hirokawa, Miao Zhang - Tokyo Institute Of Technology; Seiko Shirasaka - Keio University

9:45 AM
Hyperspectral Cubesat Constellation for Natural Hazard Response (Follow-on)
Daniel Mandl, Gary Crum, Karl Huemmerich, Vuong Ly, Matthew Handy, Lawrence Ong, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

10:00 AM
The Radiometer Assessment Using Vertically Aligned Nanotubes (RAVAN) CubeSat Mission: A Pathfinder for a New Measurement of Earth's Radiation Budget
William Swartz - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Steven Lorentz L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc; Phil Huang - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Allan Smith L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc.; David Deglau, Shawn Liang, Kathryn Marcotte, Edward Reynolds - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

10:15 AM
Nanosatellite Architecture for Tethered De-Spin of Massive Asteroids
Karsten James, Robert Hoyt - Tethers Unlimited

10:30 AM
Cubesat Application for Planetary Entry (CAPE) Missions: Micro-Return Capsule (MIRCA)
Jaime Esper - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Developments in GNSS-Reflectometry from the SGR-ReSI in Orbit on TechDemoSat-1
Martin Unwin, Philip Jales, Jason Tye - Surrey Satellite Technology Limited; Christine Gommenginger, Giuseppe Foti - NOC

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Session XIII: Education

Programs that develop engineers and/or scientists through the use of small satellite technology

Session Chair: Bob Twiggs, Morehead State University

11:15 AM
University-Class Spacecraft by the Numbers: Success, Failure, Debris (But Mostly Success)
Michael Swartwout, Clay Jayne - Saint Louis University

11:30 AM
A New Paradigm for US Academia and the National Security Space Community
B.T. Cesul - Integrity Applications Incorporated

11:45 AM
How to Set Up a CubeSat Project – Preliminary Survey Results
Lucinda Berthoud, Mark Schenk - University of Bristol

12:00 PM Noon
Design, AIT, Launch & Early-Operations of Galassia Nano-satellite
Eugene Ee, Ajie Nayaka Nikicio, Fend Dan, Harsh Kamdar, Hassan Askari, Zhang Runqi, Luo Sha, Cher Hiang Goh - National University of Singapore

12:15 PM
Ardusat Space Program: Training the Next Generation of Satellite Scientists and Engineers
Ben Peters – Ardusat


Space Systems Engineering Education by Providing Hands-on Practices Using Pico-Satellite Training Kit
Masahiko Yamazaki - Nihon University

Building Engineers: A 15-Year Case Study in CubeSat Education
Erik Kroeker, Alexander Ghosh, Victoria Coverstone - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

International Network Operations of Five CubeSats Constellation
Mengu Cho – Kyushu Institute of Technology; Naomi Kurahara – Infostellar, Inc.; JGMNB project members - Kyushu Institute of Technology

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Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1

Tuesday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Dedicated viewing time 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

On-Orbit Verification of Luminance Based Target Tracking and Faint Body Extractions by a Small Telescope on the World's First Micro-Interplanetary Space Probe
Kaito Ariu, Satoshi Ikari, Kawabata Yosuke, Kazutaka Nagata, Toshihiro Matsuguma, Takaya Inamori - The University of Tokyo; Norihide Miyamura Meisei University; Ryu Funase - The University of Tokyo

An FPGA-Based Flight Computer for the NEUDOSE CubeSat
John Barberiz, Akiv Jhirad, Spencer Deevy, Eric Johnston - McMaster University; Andrei Hanu - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

A Spreadsheet for Preliminary Analysis of Spacecraft Power and Temperatures
Barry Leonard - Naval Postgraduate School

CubeSat Space Environments Effects Studied in the Space Survivability Test Chamber
JR Dennison, Gregory Wilson, Alex Souvall, Ben Russon, Katie Gamaunt - Utah State University

Development of an Earth Smallsat Flight Test to Demonstrate Viability of Mars Aerocapture
Bryce Woollard, Michael Werner, Anirudh Tadanki, Robert D. Braun – Georgia Institute of Technology; Robert Lock - Jet Propusion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Low-Risk Spacecraft-Inspection CubeSat
Chris Lorenzen, Stephen Robinson, Melanie Stich - University of California, Davis

Risk Philosophies in an Agile Space Enviroment
Christopher Shaffer, Marco Villa - Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems

Orbit Determination of Femtosatellites Used in Planetary Exploration Missions
Tracie Perez, Kamesh Subbarao - The University of Texas at Arlington

Modular Payload-Centered CubeSat Structure
Saleh Al Shidhani - Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Miniaturized Phonon Trap Timing Units for PNT of CubeSats
Mina Rais-Zadeh, Adam Peczalski - Unv of Michigan; Serhat Altunc, Yun Zheng, Obadiah Kegege, Harry Shaw, Greg Heckler - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Development of the Small Satellite Cost Model 2014 (SSCM14)
Eric Mahr, Anh Tu, Anil Gupta - The Aerospace Corporation

The Conceptual Design of CubeSat Based System for GNSS Radio Occultation/Reflective Mission
Jer Ling, Chen-Tsung Lin - NSPO, TAIWAN

Facilitating the Standup of Small Satellite Ground Systems through the use of Adaptive Software Standards
Jordan Klepper, Steve Mally-Real Time Logic

Development of a Low-Flying CubeSat Mission for F-Region Characterization
Jonathan Black, Gregory Earle, Robert McGwier, Anthony Wolosik – Virginia Tech

IITMSAT: Innovative Packet Protocol and Concept of Operations
Akshay Gulati, Joseph Samuel, Sourbh Bhadane, Harishankar Ramachadran – IIT Madras

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Poster Session 2

Tuesday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dedicated viewing time 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Characterization of Chromatic Effects in Small Star Trackers
John Enright - Ryerson University, Doug Sinclair - Sinclair Interplanetary; Tom Dzamba - Ryerson University

A Novel Architecture for Reconfigurable Payload Suitable for Small Satellites
R V Siva Krishna Addagattu - Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science

Energy-Cognizant Scheduling of Store-and-Forward Communications with Multiple Priority Levels in Nanosatellite Systems
Cherry Wakayama, Peter Yoo - SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Design and Development of a Multi-Mode Monopropellant-Electrospray Micropropulsion System
Steven Berg, Joshua Rovey - Missouri University of Science and Technology

LunaSonde: Lunar Exploration Technology Demonstration CubeSat
Jeremiah Pate - JereCo Solutions

Small Satellite Design for Responsive Manufacturing
Jillian Marsh - Millennium Engineering and Integration; Eric Stroka - Operationally Responsive Space; George Moretti - Millennium Engineering and Integration; Quinn Young, Jim Perry, Dean Wada, Matt Jeppesen, Matt Felt, Bryan Hansen - Space Dynamics Laboratory

Lean Satellite Concept
Filippo Graziani – Group of Astrodynamics for the Use of Space Systems Srl

Study of Automated Satellite Fleet Operations Using a Global Ground Station Network
Kiichiro DeLuca - Linkers Co.; Mengu Cho - Kyushu Institute of Technology; Seiko Shirasaka - Keio University

Large Square-Loop Antenna Deployment from CubeSats
Angela Cleri, Ralen Toledo, Austin Fruithandler, Brandon Goudy, Jacob Mingear, Norman Fitz-Coy - University of Florida

Enhancing CubeSat and Small Satellite Reliability through Improved Thermal Management
Steven Isaacs, Diego Arias, Mike Hulse, Mark Lake - i2C Solutions; Derek Hengeveld - LoadPath

Development and Testing of a Dual Mode Micropropulsion System
Ryan McDevitt, Matthew Shea - GreenScale Technologies; Kevin Gagne, Darren Hitt - University of Vermont

MICROSCOPE, a CNES Microsatellite to Check Einstein Equivalence Principle, and its RF Equipments
Clement Dudal, Romain Mathieu, Marie Vialard, Hervé Guillon, Adrien Gay, Yves Andre, Thomas Junique, Emmanuel Robert - CNES

Introduction to NASA's Academy of Aerospace Quality
Alice Smith, Jeffrey Smith - Auburn University

Robust, Radiation Tolerant Command and Data Handling and Electrical Power Systems
James Fraction, Hanson Nguyen - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

CubeSat Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model - Model Distribution and Application in the Concept Lifecycle Phase - Interim Status #2
David Kaslow-S.E.L.F.; Bradley Ayres-The Aerospace Corporation; Michael Chonoles-Chonoles Consulting; Samuel Gasster-TASC, Inc.; Laura Hart-Lockheed Martin Space System; Chris Massa-Draper Laboratory; Rose Yntema-InterCAX

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Poster Session 3

Wednesday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Dedicated viewing time 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

BlinkSat Demo Mission Status and Updates
John Olds, Kevin Feld - Blink Astro

Highly Tolerant Electromagnetic-Ferromagnetic Interface Docking System (EFINDS)
Gavin Roser, Patrick Riley, Thomas Lai, Jacob Pittman, Morgan Lange, Benjamin Keegan, Edward Hanlon, Jin Kang - United States Naval Academy

LOCC: Enabling the Characterization of On-Orbit, Minimally Shielded LEDs
Matthew Pachol, Anand Kadiyala, Dimitris Korakakis, Jeremy Dawson - West Virginia University

Phase Change Material Composite Heat Sinks for Small Satellite Thermal Control
Timothy Knowles, John Oldson, Michael Carpenter - Energy Science Laboratories

A Three-Axis Electric Field Instrument for CubeSats
Dana Turse - Composite Technology Development; Douglas Rowland - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Second Generation Wallops Fine Sun Sensor
Zach Peterson - NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Silicon Carbide Optical Telescopes in "Small Satellite" Constellations
Flemming Tinker, Chip Ragan - Aperture Optical Sciences

In 2015, the Time for SCOTS Has Come
Johan Leijtens, Johan Uittenhout, Alexander Los - Lens R&D; Torsten Vogel - European Space Agency

The Role of Emulation in Constellations of Small Satellites
Randy Culver - AMERGINT Technologies

Design of CubeSat Carbon Fiber Solar Panels
Devin Bunce, Erik Kroeker, Alex Ghosh, Victoria Coverstone - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Magnetic Substance Disturbance Torque Caused by Shape Magnetic Anisotropy and its Applications in Small-Sized Satellites
Takaya Inamori - The University of Tokyo; Nobutada Sako - Canon Electronics Inc.; Ryu Funase, Schinichi Nakasuka - The University of Tokyo

NITESat: A People-Powered Science Mission
Ken Walczak - Adler Planetarium

Rapid Flight Software Development in Python
Jesse Coffey - Pumpkin, Inc.

Design and Development of Onboard Software System for IITMSAT
Shreesha S, Pradeep Kotipalli, Sukhdeep Singh, Krishan Prajapat, Saikiran Cholleti, Dheeraj Pai, Varun Vankineni, Hubham Chavan – IIT Madras

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Poster Session 4

Wednesday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dedicated viewing time 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

µHETsat : IOV Mission of a Mini-Hall Effect Thruster (HET), On-Board S-50 Micro-Satellite Class Platform
Nicola Melega, Vincenzo Stanzione, Tommaso Misuri - SITAEL S.p.A.

On the Development of a Novel CubeSat Standard Structure for Modern Missions
Malcolm McRobb, James Buckle, Steve Greenland, Alasdair Gow, Craig Clark - Clyde Space

Investigation of Insulation Effect on Thermal Control System of Remote Sensing Satellite
Ahmed Farag - Egyptian Armed Forces; Aly Elzahaby - Professor of Mechanical - Tanta University; Mohamed Khali, Tamer Wafi - Egyptian Armed Forces

CHOMPTT, the Optical Precision Time Transfer CubeSat Mission
Nathan Barnwell, Marcelo Aguilar, Erick Ausay, Lucas Bassett-Audain, Maria Carrasquilla, Jonathan Chavez, Olivia Formoso, Asia Nelson - University of Florida

3D Scene Construction - Live Scene Streaming Virtual Reality Enabled Can-Sat
Mohammed Abo Arais – NARSS; Mahmoud Elmohr - Alexandria University; Mostafa Abd Al-Kareem, Walid Alajmi, Mohamed Ali Maher, Mohamed Galal - Alexandria University; Mohamed Gaber Nassar Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology

Advanced Modular Propulsion Systems for Small Sats
Elizabeth Driscoll, May Allen, Steven Overton, Robert Masse, Ronald Spores - Aerojet Rocketdyne

High Voltage Power Supply Design for Photo Multiplier Tube
Anand Antony, Nikunj Agrawal - IITMSAT IIT Madras

Esrange Space Center - A Future Center of Excellence for CubeSats
Anne Ytterskog, Anna Rathsman - SSC

Multipoint Measurements of the Aurora with a CubeSat Swarm
Jonathan Parham, Aleks Zosuls, Brian Walsh, Joshua Semeter - Boston University

On-Orbit Ephemeris Determination with Radio Doppler Validation
Nicholas Dallmann, Michael Proicou, Daniel Seitz, Paul Stein, Adam Warniment - Los Alamos National Laboratory

How to Develop and Launch Three New Clean-Sheet Satellite Radio Designs in Six Years
Joseph Palmer, Nicholas Dallmann, Jerry Delapp, Clifford Fortgang, David Guenther, Stephen Judd, Susan Mendel, Daniel Seitz, Terra Shepherd, Justin Tripp - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Compact, Low-Cost Earth Observation Instruments for Nano- and Microsatellites
Len van der Wal, Bryan de Goeij, Rik Jansen, Bart Snijders - TNO

Development of a Solid-State Inflation Balloon Deorbiter
Morgan Roddy, Adam Huang, Larry Roe - University of Arkansas

Closing Exploration Strategic Knowledge Gaps through Cis-Lunar CubeSats Funded by Public-Private Partnerships
Jitendra Joshi - NASA; Karl Becker, Michael Ching - Stellar Solutions, Inc.; Jason Crusan - NASA

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