Technical Sessions

Monday, August 7, 2017

Session I: Big Data from Small Satellites I

New capabilities and methods for translating data gathered by space systems into end-user knowledge products

Session Chair: Pat Patterson, Space Dynamics Lab

2:30 PM
Dynamic Socio-Economic Analysis: The Power of Persistence from Small Satellites
John Irvine, Richard Wood, Kim Slater - Draper

2:45 PM
Eating Your Own Big-Data Dogfood: Large Satellite Performance from Microsatellite Hardware
Nick McCarthy, Dan CaJacob, Darek Kawamoto - HawkEye 360, Inc.

3:00 PM
Commercial GEOINT Activity Leader Board: Assessing the Commercial GEOINT Landscape
Kevin Ayers - Commercial GEOINT Activity

3:15 PM
NASA CYGNSS Mission Update; A Pathfinder for Operational GNSS Scatterometry Remote Sensing Applications
Randy Rose, Scott Gleason - Southwest Research Institute; Christopher Ruf – University of Michigan

3:30 PM
What Drives Innovation Choices in The Small Satellite Industry? The Role of Technological Resources and Managerial Experience
Yue song, Devi Gnyawali - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Planet's Open Water Imaging - Geo-Accuracy Assessment
Ricardo Rios-Olmo – Planet; Martin Miller - SPAWAR

Big Data in Space
Pieter van Duijn, Stefano Redi - HEAD Aerospace Netherlands

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Session II: Advanced Technologies I

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions

Session Chair: Chris Baker, NASA Headquarters

4:30 PM
OpenSatKit Enables Quick Startup for CubeSat Missions
David McComas - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Ryan Melton - Ball Aerospace

4:45 PM
Electric Propellant Solid Rocket Motor Thruster Results Enabling Small Satellites
Frederick Koehler, Mark Langhenry, Matt Summers, James Villarreal, Thomas Villarreal - Raytheon Missile Systems

5:00 PM
CubeSat Active Thermal Control via Microvascular Carbon Fiber Channel Radiator
Devin Bunce, Patrick Haddox, Alexander Ghosh, Stephen Vrkljan, Dawn Haken, Tiago Silva, Grant Berland, - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Elwood Agasid - NASA Ames Research Center

5:15 PM
Iris Deep-Space Transponder for SLS EM-1 CubeSat Missions
Michael Kobayashi - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

5:30 PM
Consumable Spacecraft Structure with 3-D Printed Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Hybrid Rocket Thrusters
Stephen Whitmore, Britany Chamberlain - Utah State University

5:45 PM
The Rainbow Connection - Why Now is the Time for Smallsat Optical Downlinks
Doug Sinclair - Sinclair Interplanetary; Kathleen Riesing – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


In-Orbit Performance of AstroTube™: AlSat Nano’s Low Mass Deployable Composite Boom Payload
Juan Reveles, Mike Lawton, Vincent Fraux, Vinoth Gurusamy, Vicky Parry - Oxford Space Systems

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Session III: Next on the Pad I

A preview of missions that are scheduled to fly within the next 18 months with an emphasis on the missions and their scientific or technological purpose

Session Chair: Tom Pirrone, World View

8:00 AM
Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems Technology Demonstration (TEMPEST-D) Mission: Enabling Time-Resolved Cloud and Precipitation Observations from 6U-Class Satellite Constellations
Steven C. Reising - Colorado State University, Todd C. Gaier - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Christian Kummerow - Colorado State University; Sharmila Padmanabhan, Boon H. Lim, Cate Heneghan - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; V. Chandrasekar, Wesley Berg, Jon P. Olson - Colorado State University

8:15 AM
NASA's Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator
John Hanson, John Marmie, Elwood Agasid, Roger Hunter - NASA Ames Research Center; Christopher Baker – NASA Headquarters

8:30 AM
RainCube, a Ka-band Precipitation Radar in a 6U CubeSat
Eva Peral, Travis Imken, Jonathan Sauder, Shannon Statham, Simone Tanelli - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Austin Williams - Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems; Douglas Price, Nacer Chahat - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

8:45 AM
GOMX-4: Demonstrating the Building Blocks of Constellations
Lars Alminde, Morten Bisgaard, Igor Alonso Portillo - GomSpace, Tor-Arne Gronland - NanoSpace, Daniel Smith, Laura Perez - GomSpace

9:00 AM
Two Aerospace Corporation Remote Sensing CubeSat Imagers: CUMULOS and R3
Dee Pack – The Aerospace Corporation; David Ardila – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Eric Herman, Darren Rowen, Richard Welle, Sloane Wiktorowicz, Bonnie Hattersley – The Aerospace Corporation

9:15 AM
Dellinger - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's First 6U Spacecraft
Larry Kepko, Chuck Clagett, Luis Santos, Behnam Azimi, Daniel Berry, Todd Bonalsky, Dean Chai, Matthew Colvin, - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

9:30 AM
Trajectory Design for the JAXA Moon Nano-Lander OMOTENASHI
Javier Hernando-Ayuso, Yusuke Ozawa - The University of Tokyo; Shota Takahashi - Keio University; Stefano Campagnola - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Toshinori Ikenaga, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Tatsuaki Hashimoto - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Chit Yam - ispace technologies


PicSat: A Cubesat Mission for Exoplanetary Transit Detection in 2017
Vincent Lapeyrere, Sylvestre Lacour, Lester David, Mathias Nowak, Antoine Crouzier, G. Schworer, P. Perrot, S. Rayane - LESIA, Observatoire de Paris, PSL Research University

Next on the Pad: RadSat - A Radiation Tolerant Computer System
Brock J. LaMeres, Colin Delaney, Matt Johnson, Connor Julien, Kevin Zack, Ben Cunningham Todd Kaiser, Larry Springer - Montana State University

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Session IV: Launch

Launch systems, multi-manifest, or rideshare opportunities specifically designed to provide access to space for small satellites

Session Chair: Jason Mello, USAF

10:45 AM
Improving Launch Vibration environments for CubeSats
David Pignatelli, Ryan Nugent, Jordi Puig-Suari - California Polytechnic Institute

11:00 AM
NASA’s Space Launch System: Deep-Space Delivery for Smallsats
Kimberly Robinson, George Norris – NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

11:15 AM
ESPA Class Redefined
Joseph Maly – Moog; Gregory Sanford – LoadPath; Andy Williams - Air Force Research Laboratory; Lisa Berenberg – The Aerospace Corporation

11:30 AM
Rocket Lab: Liberating the Small Satellite Market
Jessica Tulp, Peter Beck - Rocket Lab

11:45 AM
Innovative Launch Opportunity for Micro/Nano-Satellite by Using One and Only Function on Kibo/ISS
Hiroki Akagi, Takayaki Sato, Kunihiro Matsumoto, Daisaku Ozawa, Shiho Ogawa - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


SmallSat Express - Meeting the Needs for a Launch Capability for Small Satellites
Anna Rathsman, Anne Ytterskog - Swedish Space Corporation

Status of Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) Development for VEGA
Fabio Caramelli, Aldo Scaccia, A. Rinalducci – ESA; M. Di Costa – Avio; S. Corbo - SAB

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Panel - Business and Finance

Please join us for a panel discussion on the business and financing surrounding the small satellite marketplace. This panel will include experts who invest in small satellite ventures to highlight the most important criteria investors look for in choosing ventures to fund. Panelists will also discuss how different types of investors perceive the small satellite industry.

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Panel Moderator
Silvano Payne

Randy Segal
Senior Partner Hogan and Lovells
Stig-Are Thrana
Head of Kongsberg Silicon Valley Office, Kongsberg Satellite Services
Marco Villa
President and COO, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems

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Session V: Ground Systems

Innovative technologies or full-up systems (hardware/software) for ground networks, mission operations centers, or science/data analysis centers that significantly advance mission utility

Session Chair: Andrew Santangelo, sciZone

2:30 PM
High-Assurance Cyber Space Systems for Small Satellite Mission Integrity
Daria Lane, Enrique Leon, Francisco Tacliad, Dexter Solio, Dmitriy Obukhov, Daniel Cunningham - SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

2:45 PM
Lunar and L1/L2 CubeSat Communication and Navigation Considerations
Scott Schaire, Yen Wong,, Serhat Altunc, George Bussey, Marta Shelton, Dave Folta – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Peter Celeste, MIke Anderson – Booz Allen Hamilton

3:00 PM
The Small Satellite Integrated Communication Environment (I.C.E.) - An Update
John Ploschnitznig, Scott McLaughlin, Frank Falco - Riverside Research

3:15 PM
Initial Results from ACCESS: An Autonomous CubeSat Constellation Scheduling System for Earth Observations
Andrew Kennedy, Kerri Cahoy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3:30 PM
Flying Constellations in the Cloud
Chris Beam – Kratos Technology & Training Solutions

3:45 PM
Operating Small Sat Swarms as a Single Entity: Introducing SODA
Tracie Conn, Andres Perez, Laura Plice, Michael Ho - NASA Ames


SpaceCentre: Advanced Web Application for Satellite Mission Control
Wei-Ting Loke, Rakkappan Lakshmanan, Benedict Wen-Yong Chong, Hassan Ali Askari - National University of Singapore

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Session VI: Science Mission Payloads I

Innovative technologies or full-up systems that allow cutting-edge missions to be formulated

Session Chair: Charles Norton, Jet Propulsion Lab

4:45 PM
A Compact and Lightweight Fibered Photometer for the PicSat Mission
Mathias Nowak, Sylvestre Lacour, Vincent Lapeyrere, Lester David, A. Crouzier, G. Schworer, P. Perrot, S. Rayane - LESIA, Observatoire de Paris

5:00 PM
CHIEM: A New Compact Camera for Hyperspectral Imaging
Joris Blommaert, Bavo Delaure, Stefan Lievens, Dirk Nuyts - VITO - Remote Sensing Department; Klaas Tack, Andy Lambrechts – IMEC; Vincent Moreau - AMOS; Eric Callut - Deltatec

5:15 PM
Comprehensive Vicarious Calibration and Characterization of a Small Satellite Constellation Using the Specular Array Radiometric Calibration (SPARC) Method
Stephen Schiller, John Silny, Marcus Teter - Raytheon

5:30 PM
NOAA's CubeSat-Related Activities for Gap Mitigation and Future Planning
John Pereira, Dan Mamula, Margaret Caulfield, Daniel St Jean, Frank Gallagher, Sid Boukabara, Kevin Tewey - National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

5:45 PM
The Asteroid Probe Experiment (APEX) Mission
Jeff Plescia, Olivier Barnouin - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; Derek Richardson, Nicholas Schmerr - University of Maryland; David, Lawrence, Brett Denevi, Carolyn Ernst - The Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab; H. Yu – Arizona State University


The NASA TROPICS CubeSat Constellation Mission: Overview and Science Objectives
Bill Blackwell, D. Burianek, K. Clark, D. Crompton, A. Cunningham, L. Fuhrman, P. Hopman, S. Michael - MIT Lincoln Laboratory

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Session VII: Advanced Technologies II

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions

Session Chair: Chris Pearson, Roccor

8:00 AM
Big Data Downlink Enablers for Next Generation Tactical U.S. Army Applications
Jon Watkins, Tyrel Newton, Daniel Reuster, Mathew Hicks - Tethers Unlimited, Incorporated; Mark Ray, Billy Johnson - U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command

8:15 AM
Dove High Speed Downlink System
Kiruthika Devaraj, Ryan Kingsbury, Matt Ligon, Joseph Breu, Vivek Vittaldev, Bryan Klofas, Patrick Yeon, Kyle Colton - Planet

8:30 AM
Using Pulsed Lasers as a Diagnostic Tool for Radiation-Induced Single-Event Latchup
Andrew Sternberg, Robert Reed, Ron Schrimpf, Peng Wang - Vanderbilt University

8:45 AM
Development of the Water Resistojet Propulsion System for Deep Space Exploration by the CubeSat: EQUULEUS
Jun Asakawa, Hiroyuki Koizumi, Keita Nishii, Naoki Takeda, Ryu Funase, Kimiya Komurasaki - The University of Tokyo

9:00 AM
Findings from NASA’s 2015-2017 Electric Sail Investigations
Bruce Wiegmann, Jason Vaughn, Todd Schneider, Michael Bangham, Andrew Heaton - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

9:15 AM
Solving the Thermal Challenge in Power-Dense CubeSats with Water Heat Pipes
Hugo Brouwer, Zeger de Groot - ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space; Jian Guo - University of Technology Delft; Henk Jan van Gerner - NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre

9:30 AM
The Third-Generation Los Alamos 1.5U CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control System: Design and On-Orbit Results
James Wren, Michael Proicou, Nicholas Dallmann, Emily Baldwin, Jerry Delapp, Michael Gacusan, Kimberly Katko, John Martinez - Los Alamos National Laboratory


Mesh Network Architecture for Enabling Inter-Spacecraft Communication
Christopher Becker, Garrick Merrill - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

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Session VIII: Frank J. Redd Student Competition

Session Chair: Stan Kennedy, Jr., Oakman Aerospace


DoD - Col. Russ Teehan, AFRL/RV
NASA - Garrett Skrobot, Kennedy Space Center
Industry - Dave Beckett, Ball Aerospace
International - Pieter van Duijin, HEAD Aerospace, Netherlands
Academia - Penina Axelrad, University of Colorado
At Large - James Clemmons, The Aerospace Corporation

10:45 AM
Nanosatellite Lasercom System
Rachel Morgan - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:00 AM
On-Orbit Demonstration of the Space Weather and Meteor Impact Monitoring Network
Victor Hernandez, Aaditya Ravindran - Arizona State University

11:15 AM
TETRA: Star Identification with Hash Tables
Julian Brown, Keaton Stubis - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:30 AM
On-Orbit CubeSat Performance Validation of a Multi-Mode Micropropulsion System
Bradyn Morton, Shannah Withrow-Maser - Missouri University of Science and Technology

11:45 AM
Mission Concept and Design for the Orbiting Aerosol Observatory
Frank Rutherford, Erica Jenson, Kieran Wilson - University of Florida

12:00 PM
Automatic Star-tracker Optimization Framework
Andrew Tennenbaum - The State University of New York at Buffalo

Session IX: Science Mission Payloads II

Innovative technologies or full-up systems that allow cutting-edge missions to be formulated

Session Chair: Jeremy Palmer, DARPA

1:45 PM
Development Status of Compact X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Compatible with a 100kg-class SAR Satellite and Its Future Plans
Hirobumi Saito, Prilando Rizki Akbar, Kouji Tanaka, Makoto Mita, Vinay Ravindra - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Budhaditya Pyne - The University of Tokyo; Jiro Hirokawa - Tokyo Institute of Technology; Seiko Shirasaka – Keio University

2:00 PM
Joint Observations with the Puerto Rico CubeSat, the Aguadilla Radio Array, and Arecibo Observatory
Brett Isham Interamerican - University of Puerto Rico; Jan Bergman - Swedish Institute of Space Physics; Amilcar Rincon-Charris - Interamerican University of Puerto Rico; Fredrik Bruhn, Peter Funk - Malardalen University; Bjorn Gustavsson - University of Tromso; Terence Bullett - University of Colorado NOAA; Linda Krause – NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

2:15 PM
Tracking the Untraceable, Keeping the Earth Cool - Fugitive Methane Detection from Microsat Constellations
Richard Lachance - Gas Plume Imaging (GPI) Canada Inc.; Yotam Ariel – Bluefield Technologies; Larry Gordley, Benjamin Marshall - GATS Inc; John Fisher, Jeff Julian, Daniel Guerin - Brandywine Photonics

2:30 PM
Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Proposal: Status Update
Farah Alibay - Jet Propulsion Laboratory,California Institute of Technology; Justin Kasper - University of Michigan; Joseph Lazio - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Techology; Tim Neilsen - Space Dynamics Laboratory

2:45 PM
CubeSat Sensor Platform for Reentry Aerothermodynamics
McClain Goggin, Sebastian Tamrazian, Ross Carlson, Andrew Tidwell, Devon Parkos - Purdue University


MetNetTM Small Weather Satellite Network: An Alternative System for Global Meteorological Observations
John Fisher, Jeff Julian, Zach Burns, Daniel Guerin - Brandywine Photonics; Larry Gordley, David Fritts - GATS Inc.,; Marian Klein - Boulder Environment Sciences and Technologies; Richard Lachance - GPI Space Systems

Design and Development of VHF Antennas for Space Borne Receivers for SmallSats
Manohar Deshpande - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Session X: Year in Review

A review of missions launched in the past 18 months with an emphasis on lessons learned and/or the technological advancements that significantly enhances mission utility

Session Chair: Vincenzo Stanzione, Sitael

4:15 PM
CYGNSS Launch and Early Ops: Parenting Octuplets
Ronnie Killough, John Scherrer, Randall Rose, Antonina Brody, Jillian Redfern, Keith Smith - Southwest Research Institute

4:30 PM
Breaking (Space) Barriers for 50 Years: The Past, Present, and Future of the DoD Space Test Program
Barbara Braun, Sam Sims, James McLeroy - The Aerospace Corporation; Ben Brining – US Air Force

4:45 PM
Commissioning the World’s Largest Satellite Constellation
Robert Zimmerman, Deanna Doan, Lawrence Leung, James Mason, Nate Parsons, Kam Shahid - Planet

5:00 PM
On-Orbit Commissioning of High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP) in the SkySat Constellation
Aaron Dinardi – Ecological Advanced Propulsion Systems, Inc.; Kjell Anflo – ECAPS AB; Pete Friedhoff – Planet

5:15 PM
Exploration of Energization and Radiation in Geospace (ERG): Development, Preliminary Flight Results, and Lessons Learned in JAXA’s Small Science Satellite Project
Yosuke Nakamura, Iku Shinohara, Takeshi Takashima, Seisuke Fukuda, Shin-Ichiro Sakai – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

5:30 PM
On-Orbit Results from the CanX-7 Drag Sail Deorbit Mission
Brad Cotton, Ian Bennett, Robert Zee - Space Flight Laboratory

5:45 PM
RAVAN CubeSat Results: Technologies and Science Demonstrated On Orbit
William Swartz - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Steven Lorentz - L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc., Philip Huang - Johns Hopkins/Applied Physics Laboratory; Allan Smith, James Briscoe - L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc.; Edward Reynolds - Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory; John Carvo - Blue Canyon Technologies; Dong Wu - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


Power Modeling and Budgeting Design and Validation with In-Orbit Data of Two Commercial LEO Satellites
Alan Kharsansky - Satellogic

The Development of "nSight-1" - Earth Observation and Science in 2U
Francois Malan, Kannas Wiid, Lourens Visagie, Hendrik Burger- SCS Space

Different Approaches to Developing Small Satellite Missions
Philip Huang - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; John Carvo - Blue Canyon Technologes; Ann Darrin, Kristin Fretz, Edward Reynolds, Edward Wells, William Swartz, Aaron Rogers - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Session XI: Big Data from Small Satellites II

New capabilities and methods for translating data gathered by space systems into end-user knowledge products

Session Chair: Robert Burt, Space Dynamics Lab

8:00 AM
A CubeSat-Based Optical Communication Network for Low Earth Orbit
Richard Welle, Alexander Utter, Todd Rose, Jerry Fuller, Kristin Gates, Benjamin Oakes, Siegfried Janson - The Aerospace Corporation

8:15 AM
Space Traffic Safety: A New Self-Governance Approach for the Smallsat Community
Owen Brown - Scientific Systems; Carlos Niederstrasser - Orbital ATK; Glenn Peterson - The Aerospace Corporation

8:30 AM
Small Sats + Big Data Analytics = Insights on Chinese Economy
Derek Edinger – Ursa Space Systems Inc.

8:45 AM
Platforms Designed for Big Data Provisioning with Small Satellite Constellations
Shawana Johnson – Global Marketing Insights, Inc; Melanie Corcoran - Descartes Labs; Megan Rohrer – George Washington University

9:00 AM
Cloud-Based Ingest & Processing Framework (I&PF) - A Cloud-Hosted Framework for Satellite (and Other) Data Integration and Processing
Richard Baker, Peter MacHarrie - Solers, Inc.

9:15 AM
Rich Data, Cheap Satellites
Luis Gomes, Andrew Cawthorne, Alex da Silva Curiel – Surrey Space Technologies Limited; George Tyc – UrtheCast; Martin Sweeting – Surrey Space Centre


Cubesat Laser Communications Transceiver for Multi-Gbps Downlink
Mark Storm, Shantanu Gupta, He Cao, Slava Litvinovitch, Kent Puffenberger, Michael Albert, Jeremy Young, Dave Pachowicz, Timothy Deely - Fibertek

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Session XII: Advanced Technologies III

Innovative technologies (hardware/software) that provide significant advancements in small satellite missions

Session Chair: Stig-Are Thrana, KSAT

9:30 AM
The Active CroCubeSat Project: Design and Status
Lucas Anderson, Charles Swenson - Utah State University; A.J. Mastropietro, Simon Luong, Elham Maghsoudi, Douglas Hofmann, Scott Roberts - Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Lucas Anderson, Utah State University
Charles Swenson, Utah State University
A.J. Mastropietro, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Simon Luong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Elham Maghsoudi, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Douglas Hofmann, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Scott Roberts, Jet Propulsion Laboratory



9:45 AM
Using CCSDS Standards to Reduce Mission Costs
Jonathan Wilmot - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

10:00 AM
FPGA-based Automatic Modulation Recognition System for Small Satellite Communication Systems
Mohamed Keshk, Kenichi Asami - Kyushu Institute of Technology

10:15 AM
SHARP: A Space HARdened Procesor for Next Generation CubeSats
Alonzo Vera, Jeff Love, Jorge Piovesan, Brendan Burke- IDEAS Engineering and Technology, LLC; Jesse Mee –Air Force Research Laboratory

10:30 AM
Brane Craft: Phase I Study Results
Siegfried Janson - The Aerospace Corporation


Drag-free Control and Drag Force Recovery of Small Satellites
Anh Nguyen – NASA Ames Research Center; John Conklin - University of Florida

Cyber in a World of Plenty: Secure High-Performance On-Orbit Processing
Kyle Ingols, Michael Zhivich, Jeff Brandon, Eric Koziel - MIT Lincoln Laboratory

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Session XIII: Next on the Pad II

A preview of missions that are scheduled to fly within the next 18 months with an emphasis on the missions and their scientific or technological purpose

Session Chair: Conor Brown, Nanoracks

11:15 AM
Small Satellite Platform Imaging X-Ray Polarimeter Explorer (IXPE) Mission Concept and Implementation
William Deininger, Richard Dissly, Jeanette Domber, Jeff Bladt, John Jonaitis - Ball Aerospace; Anthony Kelley, Brian Ramsey, Martin Weisskopf - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center;

11:30 AM
SSIVP: Spacecraft Supercomputing Experiment for STP-H6
Sebastian Sabogal, Patrick Gauvin, Bradley Shea, Daniel Sabogal, Antony Gillette, Christopher Wilson, Alan George – National Science Foundation; Gary Crum - NASA Goddard

11:45 AM
The Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task (SPORT): An International Science Mission using a CubeSat
James Spann - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Charles Swenson - Utah State University; Otavio Durao - National Institute for Space Research; Luis Loures – Instituto Technologico de Aeronautica; Rod Heelis – University of Texas Dallas; Rebecca Bishop – The Aerospace Corporation; Guan Le – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Mangalathayil Abdu - Instituto Technologico de Aeronautica, Linda Krause - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

12:00 PM Noon
Iodine Small Satellite Propulsion Demonstration - iSAT
MAJ Alexander Jehle US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

12:15 PM
The Low-Latitude Ionosphere/Thermosphere Enhancements in Density (LLITED) CubeSat Mission
Rebecca Bishop, James Clemmons - The Aerospace Corporation; Aroh Barjatya - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Richard Walterscheid - The Aerospace Corporation


NORSAT-2: Enabling Advanced Maritime Communication with VDES
Laura M. Bradbury, Dumitru Diaconu, Simon Molgat Laurin, Clement Ma, Alexander Beattie - UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory; Ivar Spydevold - Statsat AS; Hans Haugli - Space Norway AS; Robert Zee - UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory

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Poster Session 1

Tuesday, August 8

Dedicated viewing time
9:45 -10:30 AM | 4:00-4:45 PM

A Clear Antenna on CubeSat for Big Data
Muhammadeziz Tursuniyaz - Utah State University; Ryan Martineau - Space Dynamics Laboratory, Reyhan Baktur, Charles Swenson - Utah State University; Serhat Altunc, Eleanya Onuma NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center; Marta Shelton - Wallops Flight Facility; Harry Shaw - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

A Low Cost Inflatable CubeSat Drag Brake Utilizing Sublimation
Adam Horn - Old Dominion University

Illumination Model for the Lunar Flashlight CubeSat Mission
Jose Martinez-Camacho - California State Polytechnic University; Paul Hayne, Christopher Paine, R. Glenn Sellar - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; David Paige - University of California, Los Angeles; William Huffman - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Robert Granat, Quentin Vinckier - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Final Results of a Solid-State Cooling Mechanism for Cubesat Imaging Sensors
Graham Grable - Small Satellite Research Laboratory University of Georgia

Agile Aerospace: Fast Design Iterations and Quick Deployment into Space
Michael Soulage, Chester Gillmore, Jacob Stern, Rupesh Gandupalli, Alexander Wen, Spencer Eggert, Karthir Govindhasamy - Planet

A Deep Space Radio Communications Link for CubeSats: The CU-E3 Communication Subsystem
John Sobtzak, Elie Tianang, Breana Branham, Neeti Sonth, Michael DeLuca, Travis Moyer, Scott Palo - University of Colorado

Time-Series Measurements for Earth System Science
Anthony Freeman, Randall Friedl - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

COARSSS - Chain of Autonomous Remote Sensing Small Spacecraft
Dorin Patru Rochester Institute of Technology, Mihail Barbosu Rochester Institute of Technology

A Comparative Analysis of All-Magnetic Attitude Control Techniques for Nanosatellites Sun Acquisition
Simon Debois, Frederick Viaud - CNES

A "Green Cold-Gas" Propulsion System for Cubesats
John Lee, Po-Hao Huang - University of Arkansas

A Novel Architecture for Reconfigurable Payload Suitable for Small Satellites
R V Siva Krishna Addagattu - Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, Potula Sree Brahmanandam - Sri Vishnu College of Engineering For Women; Sharan Asundi - Tuskegee University, Tuskegee; Roopa Kothapalli Matchwell - Technologies Limited, Visakhapatnam

Methods for Developing Reliable Hard - and Software for the Next Generation of Small Satellites
Martin Langer, Florian Schummer, Michael Weisgerber, Kim Steinkirchner, Nicolas Appel, Sebastian Rueckerl, Alexander Hoehn, Ulrich Walter - Institute of Astronautics, Technical University of Munich

Review of Atmosphere & Ionosphere Studies Through Analysis of Maneuvering Dynamics of Sounding Rockets and Database Analysis of Small Satellites
Lakshmipurapu Rupa Dhanasri, Potula Sree Brahmanandam, Uma G - Sri Vishnu College of Engineering For Women

The INSPIRESat-1 FlatSat: Results and Lessons Learned From a U.S.-Taiwan-India Scientific CubeSat Collaboration
Loren Chang, Jude Salinas, Yi Duann, Yi-Chung Chiu, Shih-Chi Chiu, Rung Tsai-Lin, Chi-Kuang Chao -National Central University; Amal Chandran - University of Colorado

A Compact Star-Field Sensor for the Los Alamos 1.5U CubeSat System
Hannah Mohr, James Wren, Nicholas Dallmann, Michael Proicou, Jerry Delapp, Kimberly Katko, John Martinez, Donathan Ortega - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Attitude Control Simulator for the Small Satellite and Its Validation by On-orbit Data of QSAT-EOS
Masayuki Katayama, Yuta Suzaki - Mitsubishi Precision Company Limited; Hiroshi Hirayama – Akita University; Shigeru Aso - Kyushu University

Development and Testing of Solar Panels for Small Space Applications at CNEA
Hernán Socolovsky, Sebastián Muñoz, Daniel Raggio, Claudio Bolzi- CNEA

Eye-Sat: Astronomy, Technology and Education in a 3U CubeSat
Fabien Apper, Antoine Ressouche - ISAE-SUPAERO; Alain Gaboriaud - CNES, Nicolas Humeau - ISAE-SUPAERO

RF Subsystems for LEO Nanosatellites Constellations
Clement Dudal, Romain Mathieu, Jean Luc Issler - CNES, Yves Richard - Syrlinks

Advantages of Silicon Carbide Telescopes for Small Satellite Imaging Applications
Keith Kasunic, Dave Aikens, Dean Szwabowski, Chip Ragan, Flemming Tinker - Aperture Optical Sciences

Building an Affordable Helmholtz Magnetic Simulator for CubeSat Satellites
Matevz Bosnak - University of Ljubljana

Launch Inhibit Scheme Optimization
Jason Armstrong - TriSept Corporation

Modern Collaboration Tools for Cost Effective Design of Small Satellites
Louise Lindblad, Marco Witzmann, Simon Bussche - Valispace UG

Advancing 'NIST on a Chip' Technologies for Small Satellite Applications
Michelle Stephens, Nathan Tomlin, Chris Yung, John Lehman, Malcolm White – National Institute of Science and Technology; David Harber, Ginger Drake, Greg Kopp - LASP

Separable Architecture for Fault Isolation and Recovery
Matthew Ruschmann, John McGreevy - Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.

Differential Drag for Collision Avoidance
Brian Cooper, Jan King - Astro Digital US, Inc.

OMAE: Oman Mars Aerial Explorer
Saleh Al Shidhani - Sultan Qaboos University

Cloud Mask Data Acquisition and Distribution Using Geosynchronous Communications Spacecraft
Jared Gill, Peter Greene - SSL

Big Data - Big Testing - Challenges and Novel Approaches for Testing Large Numbers of Small Satellites
Oliver Ruf, Stephan Busch - Zentrum fur Telematik; Klaus Schilling - University of Wurzburg

Test Results and Mission Applications of a Thrust Vector Controlled Bi-Propellant Propulsion Module for CubeSats
Stefan Powell, Tobias Knop, Steven Engelen - Hyperion Technologies B.V.

A High-Power Articulated Solar Array for Lunar 6U CubeSats
Jerami Martin, William White, Andrew Kalman - Pumpkin, Inc.

AOCS Design, Simulation and Verification System
Tony Holt, Doug Liddle - In-Space Missions Limited

Small, Light, Powerful - Rad Hard Control Electronics for CubeSats
Kerry Frohling - Iris Technology Corporation

Building Modern Cross-Platform Flight Software for Small Satellites
Ryan Plauche - Kubos

Update on Ka-band Small Spacecraft Communications via Relays and Direct to Ground
James Budinger - NASA Glenn Research Center

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Poster Session 2

Wednesday August 9

Dedicated viewing time 9:45-10:30 AM | 3:30-4:15 PM

Collaborative Orbit Determination Using Ground Station Networks
Srinagesh Sharma, James Cutler - University of Michigan

Integrated, Software-Defined Pulse Modulator and Laser System for Small Satellite Optical Communication
Paul Serra, Nathan Barnwell, Tyler Ritz, John Conklin - University of Florida

Space Webs as Infrastructure for Crawling Sensors on Low Gravity Bodies
Juliana Cherston, Joseph A. Paradiso - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Analysis of the First National Survey on CubeSat Educational Benefits
Jeremy Straub - North Dakota State University

Taking Advantage of the SmallSat Revolution to Address the Orbital Debris Problem: Data of Opportunity for a new Assimilative Satellite Drag Model
Geoff Crowley, Marcin Pilinski, Gerald Thompson - ASTRA LLC.

Systems Engineering Analysis of Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems (TEMPEST) Mission
Jonathan Olson, Sounak Biswas, V. Chandrasekar, Steven Reising - Colorado State University

Design and Development of a 3U CubeSat ADCS Testing Assembly with Matching Inertia Tensor
Jonah Ang, Yosef Ben Gershom, Brialyn Onodera, Mars Rayno, Miguel Nunes, Zachary Trimble - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Technological Facilities for Development, Fabrication, Integration and Testing of Solar Arrays for Space Applications
Martin Alurralde, Claudio Bolzi, Jose Di Santo, Javier Fernandez Vazquez, Javier Garcia, Laura Gonzalez, Maria Lujan Ibarra, M.G. Martinez Bogado - Atomic Energy Commision

An Agile Flight Software Architecture for the Picsat Mission
Antoine Crouzier, Philippe Perrot, Sylvestre Lacour, Vincent Lapeyrere, Lester David, Mathias Nowak, Guillaume Schworer, Pierre Fedou - Paris observatory – LESIA

Agile Logistic: Transportation and Integration of Small Satellites
Chester Gillmore, Michael Soulage, Arthur Descamps, Rupesh Gandupalli, Jacob Stern, Alexander Wen, Spencer Eggert, Ryan Gilmour, Aurore Piazza - Planet

Development of Efficient and Innovative Equipment for the Myriade Evolutions Platform
Corinne Salcedo - CNES

Micro-Propulsion Activities at The George Washington University
Jonathan Kolbeck - The George Washington University; Jin Kang - United States Naval Academy; Daniel Cavender NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Michael Keidar - The George Washington University

CubeSat Constellation for the Demonstration of Autonomous Docking with a Liquid Apogee Engine
Ian Elliott, Stephen Edelmann, Max Dinsmore, Ethan Ohriner, Ben Gingras, Naji Taleb, Elexa Palacio, Kaushal Sedhai - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

DebriSat, Big Data, and How It Relates to Small Satellites
Joe Kleespies, Norman Fitz-Coy - University of Florida

Development of a Multi-Mode Integrated Monopropellant-Electrospray Thruster for Flexible Small Satellite Propulsion
Steven Berg, Joshua Rovey - Missouri University of Science and Technology

In-Orbit Demonstration of a Miniaturized Hyperspectral Instrument with Onboard Analytics
Marco Esposito, Chris van Dijk, Simon Silvio Conticello, Nathan Vercruyssen, Pierluigi Foglia Manzillo Cosine Measurement Systems; Bavo Delaure, Iskander Benhadj VITO NV; Arnoud Jochemsen - Science [&] Technology AS

Development of a Launch Safe CubeSat and Microsatellite Water Propulsion System
Nathan Orr, Vincent Tarantini, Craig Foulds, Scott Armitage, Grant Bonin - Deep Space Industries

Blue Canyon Technologies High-Performance XB Micro-Sat Bus
Daniel Hegel - Blue Canyon Technologies

Testing and Validating Deployment Profiles of the Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD)
Stephen Tullino, Eric Swenson - Air Force Institute of Technology

Compact and Performant Hyperspectral Imager Based on Free-form Grating
Vincent Moreau, Jorg Versluys, Benoit Borguet - Adavanced Mechanical and Optical Systems SA; Arnaud Bourdoux - Spacebel S.A.; Atul Deep, Stefano Santandrea - European Space Agency-European Space Research and Technology Centre

Emergent Trends for CubeSat Ground Systems ‐ A University View
Craig Kief, Nick Buonaiuto, Mark Louie, Jim Aarestad - COSMIAC at University of New Mexico; Rohit Mital, Robert Monical - Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies; Robert Sivilli, Apoorva Bhopale - Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate

The STREEGO Multispectral Payload for Earth Observation on Small Satellites
Massimiliano Rossi, Giovanni Bianucci, Ruben Mazzoleni, Sebastiano Spinelli, Marco Terraneo, Fabio Zocchi - Media Lario S.r.l.

A Novel Scheme Cooperating with Cryptography to Enhance Security in Satellite Communications
Chieh-Fu Chang - National Space Organization, National Applied Research Laboratory; Wan-Hsin Hsieh - Industrial Technology Research Institute

Numerical and Experimental Study of Multi-Layer Insulation Parameters for Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft
Ahmed Farag - Egyptian Armed Forces

LinkStar-HD & -STX3, Third Generation Globalstar Radio Systems for Satellites in LEO - Architecture and Test Results
Andrew Santangelo - sci_Zone

In-Orbit Demonstration of Services: Unlocking the Potential of Small Satellites
Florian Deconinck, Graeme Taylor, Chris Brunskill - Satellite Applications Catapult

Tracking Polar Satellites in Fairbanks Alaska
Thomas Sielicki, Nettie LaBelle-Hamer, Scott Arko – University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Satellite Facility

Development of Simple Thermal Tool for CubeSats
Boris Yendler - YSPM, LLC; Clay Jayne - St. Louis University

Adding Big-Mission Cybersecurity to SmallSats
Jeff McTaggart - General Dynamics

Cyber in a World of Plenty: Secure High-Performance On-Orbit Processing
Kyle Ingols, Michael Zhivich, Jeff Brandon, Eric Koziel - MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Cubesats as an Ad-hoc Network for Communicating Small Sensors Around the Globe: A Case of Study
Marcos Diaz, Carlos Gonzalez - University of Chile; Alex Becerra - Aurora Space; Javier Rojas, Matias Vidal - University of Chile

A 6U Cubesat with On-Orbit Calibration System for Radiometric Infrared Imaging
David Osterman, R. Rohrschneider, R. Warden, J. Ferguson, A. Amparan, M. Adkins - Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation

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Swifty Sessions

Swifty Session 1

Tuesday, August 8

9:45 -10:30 AM

Giving University Students a Low-Cost Way to Quickly Get Space Experience
Robert Twiggs, Matt Craft, Amin Djamshidpour - Twiggs Space Lab; Hank Voss - Near Space Launch; Dale Nash - Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority; Carlos Niederstrasser, Warren Frick - Orbital ATK; Bjarke Gotfredsen, Judi Sandrock – MEDO

Small Launch Vehicles - A 2017 State of the Industry Survey
Carlos Niederstrasser, Warren Frick - Orbital ATK Inc.

Results from testing of Accion Systems' TILE propulsion system
David Tovani, Louis Perna – Accion Systems

The Universe of Big Data - Signals, Sensors, and Metrics
Ronald Goedendorp NanoRacks LLC

Overview of the Current State of Understanding of the EMDrive
Jonathan Card - Build an EM Drive, Inc.

Jigsaw: Software for Critical Event Deconfliction for Interplanetary NanoSat Missions
Matthew D'Ortenzio - NASA Ames Research Center

Spacecraft System Options for Best Data Rate
Barry Leonard - Naval Postgraduate School (Ret.)

Extreme Temperature Sun Sensors: How Low Can We Go (and How Often)
Johan Leijtens, Johan Uittenhout, Stefan Schmidt - Lens R&D; Torsten Vogel – European Space Agency


Subsystem Development and Testing for a Spacecraft-Inspection CubeSat
Chris Lorenzen University of California, Davis; Josh Day University of California, Davis; Adriana Henriquez University of California, Davis; Holly Kim University of California, Davis; Stephen Robinson University of California, Davis

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Swifty Session 2

Wednesday, August 9

9:45 -10:30 AM

Satellite Image Quality Assessments
Bryan Kirkpatrick, Jim Vrabel – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

SpaceWorks' 2017 Nano/Microsatellite Market Forecast
Bill Doncaster, Caleb Williams, Jordan Shulman, John Olds - Spaceworks

Cubesat Lidar Concepts for Ranging, Topology, Sample Capture, Surface and Atmospheric Science
Mark Storm, He Cao, Doruk Engin, Michael Albert – Fibertek, Inc.

Low EMI Power Supply Design for Nanosatellites
Andrew Strain, Robin Sampson, Craig Clark – Clyde Space Ltd.

Pipeline2Space Daily Soft Ride Impulsive Spaceflights at Spaceport America, NM: A Ram Accelerator-Based Space Launch Program
Mark Russell -

Multi-Core Architectures on Power Consumption and Task Deadline
Deepak Shankar - Mirabilis Design

Nanosatellite Communication Constellation Testbed for Autonomous Scheduling Algorithms to Enable Mission Performance Analysis and Demonstration
Alonzo Jenkins, Peter Yoo, and Cherry Wakayama - SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Carbon Dioxide Based Heated Gas Propulsion System for Nano-Satellites
Dan Lev, Jacob Herscovitz - Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


In-Flight Software Updates Through Low Bandwidth Radio Channel
Zaynulla Zhumaev, Anton Vlaskin, Igor Zharenov - SPUTNIX

ShockWave - Budget Friendly, Flight Proven, Launch Vibration Isolation
John Howat, Timothy Pargett, Joe Maly - Moog Inc.

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